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As the number one credit card processing company in America because we are dedicated to providing the best credit and debit card payment platforms. As a fellow business owner, we understand the importance of having a reliable payment processing system, especially for purchases made using a credit or debit card. At National Card Solutions, we will see to it that your customers don’t encounter problems when they pay using their credit or debit cards. We offer our solutions at fair rates, and we are always prepared to explain to our customers how our devices can be used to collect and process card payments. No matter if you wish to cater to debit cards, credit cards or gift cards, we have just the right solution for you.
Reliable Credit Card Payment Processing in America for Your Business

We are the leading USA credit card processing company. We ensure that your customers don’t encounter problems when they purchase using their card. As a dedicated and committed team of professionals, we make sure that you understand the costs and the process involved when a customer swipes his or her card. The information from the card is obtained through the terminal, and then sent to the issuing bank for authorization, settlement and funding. Below are the products we offer to our partner merchants:

• POS Devices and Terminal
• Virtual Gateway Terminals
• Wireless Payment Terminals

We know that a lot of business owners shy away from using card payments because it can be intimidating and sometimes a costly option depending on the fees charged by a payment processing company. Our devices, software and systems are highly advanced, so you won’t need to worry about interrupted transactions. We can also help you set up online or mobile card payment channels for your eCommerce shops.
Accept Payments from Debit Cards in United States of America

A lot of consumers prefer using debit cards when they make a purchase. Customers no longer need to go through tedious applications just to get a debit card because it is automatically issued by their banks when they open an account. It is also easy to acquire because it is automatically provided when you open an account at any bank. Because it is projected to continuously increase over the years, it’s important for businesses to offer a debit card payment option to its consumers. To understand how the process works, you can consult with any of our staff.
Offer Awesome Gift Card Optionsfor Your Customers in America

Businesses today are starting to embrace the use of gift cards to promote customer loyalty and to improve brand visibility. Studies have already proven that gift card holders typically spend more than the value of their card, most especially if they find items they love. You can offer the cards in various denominations and create a unique design that will best reflect your brand. Our gift cards can surely help you grow the number of your loyal and happy customers. If you wish to start offering your customers gift cards, we are the America credit card processing company you can count on.
Low Credit Card Processing Fees in America – Guaranteed!

At National Card Solutions, we want you to earn more money for every customer transaction. At National Card Solutions, we offer our products and services at an affordable price. We never take out a large fraction of hard-earned money of our partners. We don’t want you to worry about making a revenue because of our fees are too high. To know more about the processing fees, you can talk to one of our dedicated staff.
How Our America Credit Card Processing System Works

Processing card payments may seem like a lengthy process because of every information transmitted, but in truth, it only takes a few minutes or seconds to complete. It’s designed that way to avoid inconveniences for both the merchant and the consumer. We see to it that the customers of our partner merchants have a smooth and hassle-free transaction when they use their cards to settle their bills. It is our number one goal to avoid any glitches when a customer chooses card payment for his or her transaction. Our job as a provider of the best merchant services for small businesses in the United States of America is to ensure that the payment process is quick and effective. We also provide top-notch deals for large companies.
How We Maintain Our Leading Position in the Card Processing Business in America

National Cards Solutions is among the leading credit processors in America. We work extra hard to provide the right solutions for our partners. Our systems are the best in the business, so they can efficiently process information, banking details and other pieces of information, once a customer uses his or her card to pay. As such, we only distribute the best terminals and the most efficient payment processing software to every business who put their trust on our team.
Our company offers the widest selection of products and payment terminals that can be used for various types of businesses. If you are unsure about the product or payment channel you need, you can freely contact any of our dedicated staff to guide you. You can talk to our staff to find out how we can help you with your business.

Call Us for Any Type of Merchant Services in the United States of America

Want to work with a professional and reliable credit card processing company in America? Look no further. As one of the metro’stop payment processing companies, you can expect nothing but top-notch deals from our team. Call us and we will be happy to discuss how a credit or debit card processing device or terminal can help you propel your business forward. We have hundreds of happy customers who continue to enjoy successful card transactions because of our top-notch terminals. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the right payment processing solutions for your business.

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