Cater to your Customers
Customers are your lifeblood and catering to their needs is the heart that pumps that blood. If you do not provide the best service for your customers and they are not happy, then you are not likely to retain them for very long.
A carefully executed social media plan will help boost a business and increase your sales. Here are 4 tips to reaching that goal.
1. Build honest relationships and customer loyalty. Building a solid customer service strategy using your social media. Connecting with your customers through social media offers a language and a deeper understanding of what your customers want and need.
2. Your business will grow through popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Interacting with your customers on their social accounts will only serve to cement your relationship with them in the long run.
3. Relating and corresponding with your customers via social media will cut your service costs by over 70% in some cases. Email interaction costs run 2.50 to 6.00 where a social interaction can cost less than 1.00.
4. Keep up with how people are paying. Mobile wallets, PayPal, chip enabled cards, find out what your customers want via social media and cater to them. They are likely to recommend your business more if they can pay the way they want to.

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