Now with the shift to the EMV chip-card, some customers may be wondering if they will be required to carry liquid cash to retailers` stores that have not yet adopted the EMV technology.  This is a major question disturbing most consumers since not all merchants are EMV- ready. The survey conducted by The Strawhecker Group reveals that though many large retailers, such as Target, Walmart, and Costco, have upgraded their POS terminals for chip card acceptance, still many U.S. retail stores are not EMV-ready. Only 37 percent of retail stores seem to be ready to process chip card payments. Well, I would like to confirm that you should not despair as long as the stores have a card reader.  You will still be in a position to transact since the EMV cards now are equipped with both chip and magnetic-stripe functions.  The magnetic -stripe and the chip ensure that consumer’s transactions and spending are not interrupted by the technology afforded by any retail store.  Merchants can adjust their card readers and serve both the credit card holders and the EMV chip-cards.

How convenient is the card reader regardless of the card the customer is using

Since not all of the USA stores have adjusted to the EMV technology, you may find yourself at a point-of-sale terminal when you walk into a store with no EMV technology.  After your bargain, you might get confused on whether to swipe or dip your card into the card reader. At such a point you will also be in fear of how secure your transactions will be.

When you get to such point, your terminal will drive. The card reader will direct you on what to do. For instance, if you insert the card into a chip reader that is not activated to transact EMV card, the reader will reflect an error. Since the modern cards are equipped with magnetic-stripe and chip functions, you will be required to swipe and get your transactions complete.

Vice-versa also happens when you swipe the card instead of insert. When not sure and you swipe the card an error will reflect, and you will be prompted to insert your card for the chip processing.  Hence, you should not be in fear of what transaction process you should use.

Well, what about the when you walk into merchant stores with no chip-card reader?

This should not worry you. The EMV card can effectively transact with a swipe just like any other magnetic-stripe card so you will still transact and pay for your goods or services.  With such transaction the only extra service you will miss is that extra level of security inserting the reader and only getting it back after the transaction is complete.

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