Cater to your Customers
Customers are your lifeblood and catering to their needs is the heart that pumps that blood. If you do not provide the best service for your customers and they are not happy, then you are not likely to retain them for very long.
A carefully executed social media plan will help boost a business and increase your sales. Here are 4 tips to reaching that goal.
1. Build honest relationships and customer loyalty. Building a solid customer service strategy using your social media. Connecting with your customers through social media offers a language and a deeper understanding of what your customers want and need.
2. Your business will grow through popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Interacting with your customers on their social accounts will only serve to cement your relationship with them in the long run.
3. Relating and corresponding with your customers via social media will cut your service costs by over 70% in some cases. Email interaction costs run 2.50 to 6.00 where a social interaction can cost less than 1.00.
4. Keep up with how people are paying. Mobile wallets, PayPal, chip enabled cards, find out what your customers want via social media and cater to them. They are likely to recommend your business more if they can pay the way they want to.

With the shift to EMV chip technology, the credit card processing news has been awash with details of the latest payment system technology. The directive by Credit Card companies warning that if merchants had not made the switch to EMV capable systems by October 1, 2015, they would be liable for any fraud that occurred, as a result, has plagued merchants who are yet to make the change. This directive left merchants scrambling as trying to either comply or take the risk of shouldering the burden of credit card fraud. Since accepting cash only is out of the question due the low volume of sales, merchants have been forced to use credit card processors to smooth the way in transitioning to EMV. Else, to perform a cost-benefit analysis in cases where the merchant has been unable to comply due to financial constraints. However, the latter has been rather unsuccessful because of lack of credit card fraud reports that are crucial in performing an analysis.

Most credit card processor agrees that merchants who do not make the move to EMV are more likely to attract fraudsters and should the merchant fall prey to fraud, they face millions in liability. Due to the expected decrease in card present fraud and anticipation in an increase in card not present fraud, the credit card processing news have also been dominated by news of online fraud preventative measures. As a merchant, choosing the best credit card processor is imperative in securing your business and giving customers a great user experience in their transactions. What defines a great credit card processor? The card processing company should be able to offer you customized solutions targeted specifically at your small, medium or large business’s needs. It should give you leeway in deciding how to accept credit card, fit your budget’s requirements and also provide support and fraud preventative measures and systems in case you decide to take your business online. This will enable you to gain from your credit card processor and learn how to protect your business from online and new identity fraud expected to see a rise. New identity fraud refers to fraud where the fraudster creates a fake account online by using real information about a customer.

Apart from informative news, the credit card processing industry has also experienced controversies. The latest bulls to lock horns are Walmart and Visa. Walmart filed a suit accusing Visa of requiring the retailer to accept signature verification rather than PIN. According to USA Today, the retailer says that the method is not only insecure but is also advocated by Visa as a way of making more money in its payment processing procedures. While chip-and-pin exists and offer more security, it is possible to verify through signatures and swiping in cases where a retailer does not have an EMV capable payment processing system.

Since many consumers nowadays prefer plastic cards to the cash processing services, credit cards have become a standard requirement for new businesses. However, some companies avoid establishing merchant processing services due to the lack of information. That’s why it’s important to inform the representatives of the companies about the value that the credit card processing brings to the business. Once they learn about the sales increase and ease of use of the credit cards, they opt for it, as a rule.

Provide the traders with brochures, sales sheets that describe the service and merchant processing services reviews.

Educate the merchant about how merchant processing services work, providing information on the application process, what happens when a card is swiped or entered online, what is the merchant account number, and how the merchant will receive cash from the sale.

Explain all the costs of the service, including transaction-based fees, chargeback fees, monthly statement and gateway fees. Give information about all the possible costs for the customer to know what to expect.

Ask your dealer about the estimated monthly sales volume, as it can make a difference when defining the fees to be paid.

Cite the merchant processing services reviews and statistics. Tell them about sales that a merchant can simply lose by failing to offer credit cards as a payment method. Ask the dealer how many times has he lost sales just because the client found out that credit cards were not accepted. (This may be a rhetorical question – the point is to make the trader realise that the opportunity was lost.)

Ask the dealer to complete your merchant processing services application. Explain how much time does the approval process take to move forward. Find out what type of terminal does the customer want to get and if he needs the credit card swipe.

Send the customer his new merchant account number, access codes and other account details via e-mail or regular mail.

Help the customer to configure the terminal (if necessary), log into the system, and input the merchant account number and the customer’s website, in case the account was created as a gateway for online payments.

There are many reasons for the merchants to accept credit cards in their businesses, and very few not to do so. Of course, it’s not free and there are costs to be paid to have the merchants processing service as a method of payment. But these costs are further compensated through new sales and higher profits. It is a real buying power that merchants can’t ignore. Providing the credit card payment opportunity to customers as an easy and convenient form of payment requires a much less cost than, actually, losing a sale because of the its absence.

In addition, customers who have credit cards tend to spend more than those who use checks or cash. And also, according to the merchant processing services reviews, they tend to buy more often.

When a customer takes a decision to purchase something, he’s much more likely to buy more products and services, once the credit card payment service is available.

Nowadays, merchants are no longer interested in traditional credit card processing. Since traditional methods of payment are slow, insecure and inconvenient, more and more business owners decided to go for mobile credit card processing . What makes mobile debit card processing so highly used? First of all, it is far more secure than traditional credit or debit card processing. Secondly, the transaction fees are way smaller and the processing time is shorter than you imagine. Therefore, if you want to take your business to another level, take mobile terminals into consideration.

There are plenty of reasons why the number of those using mobile credit card processing has increased so much in the last years. Firstly, it has been proven that mobile credit card processing can increase one merchant’s sales. Since the transactions take place in real time and the transactions fees are very small, the merchant is able to make significant savings. Secondly, mobile terminals are preferred by most consumers. As you probably know, more and more customers would rather pay with credit card, than with cash.

If this is your first contact with mobile debit card processing and you don’t know how mobile terminals function, seek professional assistance. It doesn’t take too much time to look for a company that sells or rents such devices and provides merchants with smart mobile debit card processing solutions. If you wish to hire one or two such devices, you can do so without any problem. If you are completely convinced by their effectiveness and you wish to purchase one or more mobile terminals, let the provider know about your intentions. He will be pleased to supply you with the items you need.

Since there are so many merchants who are satisfied with these devices, there is no reason why you should be doubtful about mobile credit card processing services. These modern mobile terminals have been designed and manufactured with the purpose of being of a real help. Thus, if you wish to keep your clients close, to make safer transactions and to get rid of unnecessary costs, trust to invest in these devices. As they accept any kind of credit or debit card, you won’t have any problem in making the best out of them and keeping your clients satisfied.

Mobile debit card processing services are suitable for any kind of business, regardless of its size. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a small, middle-sized or big enterprise; either way, you will be able to use these devices and to benefit of such helpful services. All you have to do is to contact the right professionals and to let them know about your requirements. Share to them your problems regarding card processing and transactions, so that they could think of an efficient and cost-effective solution.
Being able to take credit card payments in the field changes the entire nature of the game. It weeds out the clients who just don’t want to say no to your face, and it keeps the committed clients committed.

Protect Your Business

protect your business

protect your business Companies like Adobe, Target, Nieman Marcus, Yahoo, Michael’s, and the IRS were all hacked in the last two years. These are major companies that spend millions of dollars for security of their systems and they were still breached. The most valuable asset of a company or govt. agency now is information, more specifically, Social security numbers. With names and matching social security numbers, then thieves, can manufacture all the social fraud and financial fraud they muster. You have heard the phrase, it’s a license to print money? Well it is.

protect your business

protect your business

Your small business cannot spend millions of dollars to protect your information. But for a minimal investment you can protect your business from the kind of theft that percentage wise can affect your business in a great manner than these much larger companies. If you have not started using the chip technology, and requiring your customers to dip instead of swipe their credit cards. Dipping is more secure, by scrambling the numbers going out and coming back to the terminal, it is virtually impossible for a thief to steal your transaction.

Everybody enters business to profit, so why spend considerably a greater amount of your benefits on costly exchange charges, Web site support, service agreements and high credit card processing rates? When you set aside time to search for the best gives, you can spare very some cash that can be utilized to incredible reason in different parts of your business. Start looking for the best credit card processing rates and open a shipper account.

You will initially need to locate a reputable bank or credit union that will consent to supply a shipper record to you for this reason. To get affirmed, you will require a strong financial record, a great marketable strategy, and documentation to demonstrate that you can deal with the expenses connected with credit card processing rates. For the most part, these incorporate an establishment charge for MasterCard handling hardware, a month to month door expense for your money related host, an exchange expense of a couple of pennies every or a general rate add up to consistently. You additionally may be given Website benefit that will require a facilitating charge, an service contract expense, and an architect’s or upgrading service charge. Make certain to deliberately read the terms of any agreement that you get. Never sign something that you don’t comprehend or with which you can’t totally concur. Your organization may need to pay for a month to month least up to a sure number of exchanges, and after that the parity for that month don’t require extra charges.

Credit card processing rates can vary by organization or by processor program. A few organizations charge no establishment expense, though others require one-time expense of a couple of hundred dollars, contingent upon the program’s multifaceted nature. You may need to pay somewhere around 15 and 25% for every exchange, or you could pay a month to month rate for the entire measure of business created by your charge card handling unit; this sum much of the time falls beneath 2%.

It is dependably an incredible thought to think about rates among contending monetary establishments. On the off chance that you really welcome the services offered by one dealer record organization however lean toward the lower rates of a second organization, educate the first with respect to the contender’s lower rates, and maybe the first organization will meet or beat the lower expense to have the capacity to get your business. At initially, you may wish to remember the client’s advantage when looking for credit card processing rates. At the end of the day, going on the investment funds of a specific project to your clients will hold them returning to work with you. In the event that your rates are too high or not sufficiently focused, they may take their business somewhere else.

When you’re good to go to begin preparing charge card installments, don’t be enticed to run for the alternative with the most components or the most refined set-up. Choose a system that will most prominent suit your organization needs and your clients’ advantage, furthermore offering the best credit card processing rates.

Businesses require credit card machines for payment processing. They are utilized for swiping cards at checkout. Credit card machines are of different sorts, as with the adjustment in innovation the entire idea of accepting credit cards have become advanced. These types of equipments work towards safeguarding a client from paying those boatloads of money through safe and secured system for cash exchange in no time. Installing these includes significant speculation as these could be costly. Then again, they can take a look at different choices in the market. The value ranges from $150 to $1000 contingent upon its complexity. Evaluate prerequisites and spending plan to pick the model that fits your business needs. Financing options are accessible on the off chance that you need to purchase the machines or you may take one on lease, give it a shot and make the buy on the off chance that it addresses prerequisites. A few machines can be leased for as meager as $20 a month.

Regularly, terminals are given as a major aspect of the package for setting up another merchant account. This is more economical than obtaining the hardware independently. It is likewise conceivable to utilize a product applications to process credit cards online and validate exchanges with virtual terminal software. Another alternative utilized by organizations is to process the payment physically and confirm applicable details with a call to the customer. This procedure takes additional time and is likewise more hazardous as the purchaser may have deficient assets accessible when the exchange is handled however they may have been at the time of checking.

Before you picking a credit card processing equipment for sale keep in mind to ask about the safety component and the charges, as every credit card processing equipment providing organization comes with their own particular charges and regulations. What makes credit card processing equipment a hit among merchants and clients is not the bother free handling of cash or the substitute choice for payment of merchandise additionally the way that cash exchange is a secured technique for the two. When a client’s card is swiped through a credit card processing equipment his/hers credit card number and account details stays safe and secured.

Much the same as some other equipment, a credit card processing equipment for sale likewise requires a complete consideration. Its is prudent that you single out the hardware that accompanies a battery support to offer your client an intrusion free cash exchange even when there’s no power. Likewise, when you request a battery stacked gear bear in mind to look at the working speed of the hardware. As the credit card processing enormously relies on upon the send and get of information it is vital to have gear with a quick modem.

If you are a small merchant you can simply hunt down light and simple to convey portable or remote credit card processing equipment accessible in the market. These remote machines encourage trade even out of the workplace locale or organization building. Such types of gear are of incredible advantage as you need not have a different line and get the office of transaction of cash whenever anyplace.

For web trader, who transact or sell online, phones go about as incredible equipment for transacting with credit card. ‘Dial pay’ administration is a decent case, as you can simply be free of stress over payments collection or setting up of an office for collection of payment.