With smartphones, everything’s gotten so much easier. From staying in touch with friends and family, to updating social media, to doing your shopping, you’re able to do it all wirelessly and with the click of a button now. There are so many different ways that you can shop using your smartphone instead of your physical credit card, so let’s break a few of them down!

The best way to get started with shopping from your phone is to save your credit card information to the Wallet feature and to set up either Apple Pay or Android Pay. The Wallet saves your credit card information for easier shopping, and can also save things like your plane or concert tickets and your rewards cards for different stores. Apple Pay allows you to shop in real life using your phone to establish a wireless connection with the reader instead of using your physical credit card.

Apple Pay keeps your credit card information safe and secure when processing your various transactions, as it provides a unique transaction code instead of your actual credit card information. In addition, Apple requires a Touch ID confirmation before a charge to your credit card is processed via your phone. This means that even in the unlikely event someone else steals your phone and is able to bypass your password to access the Wallet or Apple Pay features, they will be unable to process any charges to your credit card since they do not have your fingerprints. This added security measure is one of the major benefits of shopping paperless and wireless.

The Wallet feature can be used when you are shopping on-the-go from your phone, meaning that when you visit a store’s website or use their app, your credit card information can be auto populated, making for a much faster transaction processing time. In addition, the Wallet can keep track of and add your rewards points after you make a purchase, both in-person and using a mobile site or app.

Many stores have made the decision to optimize their websites and online checkout processing for cell phones, so that customers can browse using wireless internet or on their data network with greater ease. Some have even taken the extra step by creating apps to shop on, which can be installed on your phone and can save your information. When you combine this with the Wallet and Apple or Android Pay features, you are able to create a one-touch checkout for an even faster purchase processing experience than before.

Overall, we’ve seen over the years that there are many ways we can use our phones, and technology is evolving every single day. Evolve along with it, and consider using your smartphone to go paperless and wireless with your credit card transactions by utilizing the efficient and time-saving features of Wallet and Pay that your phone comes with, to save yourself time and hassle in the future.